Day 2 “Magic”

Day 2 “Magic”

Magic – Day 2/365

So it’s Day 2/365 today and well it was a bit tricky topic “Magic”. I had thought of having some levitating stuff in todays theme, but doing it all alone with remote shutter or timer was getting a bit time taking.
Nevertheless I did come up with todays pic, it is a composite of multiple pictures merged in Photoshop and then processed in Lightroom.

Behind the shot "Magic" Day 2/365

Behind the shot “Magic” Day 2/365

To shoot this I had my camera on tripod and flash facing towards the wall on the back of the camera to create a soft reflected light to have very soft shadows.
Camera at F8.0, ISO 200, 1/200th
Flash near camera set at 1/2 +0.7 power zoomed at 70mm
Flash away from the camera set at 1/16th power zoomed to 24mm and had a blue gel to just light the background to blue. This flash was helping to color the shadows to blue and leaving the highlights to white.

Now we start with a simple background shot with nothing in the frame, then took a self portrait of me sitting on a stool. After this I was throwing things here and there 😛 and clicking away the shutter on the Fujifilm Camera Remote app. This app though has some connectivity issues but once connected works like a charm.
Once I had all the pictures I moved the selected JPEG (I had the raw but JPEG’s looked just rite) images to Photoshop and started masking into Layers. I’m not great or even good at photoshop but I think this one came out pretty well 🙂

So that’s all for today!

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