Day 1 “Hot Drinks”

Day 1 “Hot Drinks”

So 2016 passed by with me trying out lots of things, towards the end of the year I felt that I was moving a bit away from photography, so I decided to get up and start with a project so here I am with my 365 project. As the year started I found help on PetaPixel which posted an article on a 365 day project
Original article :
Thanks PetaPixel and PhotoBlog 🙂

Day 1/365
Topic : Hot Drinks

So starting with a simple cup and some smoke voila! You have a hot drink.

Here’s the behind the scene photo.
Camera set at F10, ISO 200, shutter to 1/180th
Flash to camera left @ 1/64th power zoomed to 24mm
Flash to camera right @ 1/128th power zoomed to 105m with grid and orange gel.


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  1. Tiffany Mueller, editor

    This is awesome! I love how you added the setup shot at the end. Great job! Thanks for participating in our 365 Project Challenge and sharing your journey–we’ll be here enjoying your photos along the way..

    Cheers from the PhotoBlog team!

  2. Saurav Mitra

    One word.. AWE-INSPIRING.

    May be 2 words.. Plus a hyphen…

    Point is.. Its awesome. Looking forward to more. Everyday 🙂

  3. Gaurav Dasgupta

    Such minute aspects shown with such perfection.. looking forward for more such pictures… keep up the good work..

    From a person who knows very little about photography but enjoy the beauty of it.

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